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Delivery-safe designer

  • Design Strategy
  • UX Lead and Design
  • Product Design
  • Agile coach
  • UI Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • E-commerce

Helps you with your transformation into the new age, the present.

In Brief

Knowledgeable specialist

Nearly thirty years of work experience in digital media in terms of UX, Graphic Design and User Journey. Building business cases for new services, followed by structure and UX. In addition. I have a lot of experience in, printed media, such as books, newspapers, advertising and long routine in Brand guidelines. Delivery-proof and stress-resistant Designer (Strategy, UX & UI). Strengths: In a functional way, combine different media for equal needs such as Web, App, Print, Social Media and reach End user. Outgoing and social with solid project catalog. He easily communicates with both managers, product owners, designers and developers. I work as well in agile processes as driving startups and design projects.

Industries through the years

Broad experience

Manufacturing industry, Villas. Hospital and medicine. Publisher. Food and Beverage. Meeting Facilitation with R & D. Makeup and perfume. Event. Games and entertainment. Travel- and tourism industry. Sports and leisure. Telecoms. Transport and relocation. Environment. IT. BI and Info. & intelligence service

Creative Design

It is not always in your own industry that you find the solutions but sometimes it hangs in front of your own nose.

User Friendly

If your users can’t use what you are building, it does not matter how good, expensive or stable it is.

Web Development

It’s cheaper to build Web and app design accessible to everyone, right from the start. Rebuilding is expensive.

Get Inspired

Everyday life inspires me. Art, culture, meetings, people, jobs, building a house and not least food, interest me.

Be Creative

First in the office, a blank whiteboard, some nice music and freshly brewed coffee. It triggers me : )

Be Socialized

Like-minded who raise each other. Helps, inspires and cares. Constructively taking things forward, Wow!

Senior Design Strategist and UX Designer

Finning Catepillar through Digitalist

“Sebastian was a crucial person in the development of our Digitalist Vancouver studio. He is always prompt to embrace a new challenge with a handful of significant skills. He can genuinely translate business goals into the language of users. His passion for human-centric design is an inspiring source to bridge multidisciplinary perspectives into a vision that can engage users with products and services. He can focus on details as well as able to see a holistic picture, something rare in individuals. He is adorable and a great team player. I would certainly recommend his work.”

Jane Vita, Design Director, NA at Digitalist Group Network Vancouver Canada

UX Designer

Unionen through Digitalist

“Sebastian and I worked together on a very important project. The scope was to develop new digital services in order to raise customer satisfaction. The product we were working on is information heavy and the users did not have much time to use it – so we had a challenge to provide the users with what they needed quickly. Throughout the project Sebastian was an excellent advocate for the users – showing great empathy for their needs, while still keeping the business value at top of mind. Sebastian’s designs were both easy to understand for the users, as well as inspiring, creating energy in a product that could easily be discouraging.   Another key to the project’s success was that Sebastian participated in weekly stand-ups, providing insights and answers that allowed us to progress with speed and in the right direction. Sebastian is a great diplomat, with excellent ability to listen to many different people and needs, analyse the input, and deliver solutions that meet all needs. Without the help of Sebastian, the product would not be as successful as it now is.  I would highly recommend anyone to work with Sebastian!”

Jonathan Dahl, Business Developer & Project Manager at Unionen Sweden


Powerful Tools

For me, programs or systems that are fast-paced and adapt to a changing market often work. They should be available on several platforms and absolutely on the phone. In addition to the obvious in pen and paper, the following owns: Miro, Evernote, Trello and Mindmeister.

Penn & Paper, Whiteboard100%
Figma, Sketch & Invision100%
Digital Marketing85%
Adobe (psd, indd, ai and pdf)100%
Evernote, Mindmeister and Slack100%
Trello, Jira90%
Apple Mac100%

You know you need my help

For me, programs or systems that are fast-paced and adapt to a changing market often work. They should be available on several platforms and absolutely on the phone. In addition to the obvious in pen and paper, the following owns: Miro, Evernote, Trello and Mindmeister.

Clients really like my work

First and foremost, Sebastian is fantastic to work with and I am glad to have gotten the opportunity to work closely with him. He brings a professional attitude and calm force to the table that the team can rally around to move design forward. The experience he brought to the project was invaluable, not to mention the mentorship he provided.

I do enjoy working with Sebastian. He is my mentor, friend, and a buddy who can shares sparks in design, food, art, and classical music. He has a holistic design strategy mindset while being sensitive to details. Sebastian believes the philosophy of reducing cognitive overload and always desires to help end users finish the task delightfully.
His constructive feedback and solid suggestions supported me a lot. Sebastian is open-minded, creative and trustful. As a senior designer, Sebastian respects the younger designer’s idea and critiques the design based on facts and data. He continually brings the tangible, intangible and aspirational values to the team with his design talents.

Assignment history

TV4 PlayUX Designer


PostiUX Designer at Digitalist Sweden

For a few weeks, I was asked to join a client in Helsinki, Finnish Posti. They had a major problem to solve regarding partly new employees who quit their job within a week and to create a knowledge exchange and community.

Solution: Mobile app

Results: Longer employment, satisfied employees and minimizing the number of undelivered letters and packages.
• Held workshops
• Delivered MVP flow
• Delivered low fidelity wireframes

Finning Caterpillar/UX Designer at Digitalist Sweden

For 6 months I was stationed in Vancouver working with structuring the Core in a Data Platform for Finning Caterpillar. The purpose of the platform is to analyse all data from their customers’ machines from which to decide on action.

Solution: Gather all system critical applications and services in the kernel to service the various applications.

Purpose: The platform facilitates fleet managers to maintain their equipment and make well-planned stops. This saves millions for end customers
• Design Strategy
• UX Design
• UX Lead for Core Team

UNHCR for Sweden/UX Designer at Digitalist Sweden

While updating their technical platform, Drupal 7 to 8, I was asked to work with a strategy to shorten the purchase flow, increase conversion and simplify the editors’ work.

Solution: Build the site with objects. Easy to understand for admin and for developers to build. Easy for admin to adjust pages and flows after analysing donar journeys.

Purpose: Increase conversion and simplify admins daily work.
• UX Design
• UI Design

HSR/UX Designer at Digitalist Sweden

In order to simplify the construction of a brand new site over a long period of time, I have built a strategy and a model where we build the entire site with modules. These are general to fit all types of their needs. When new ones come, we add more modules. This makes it easy for the customer to quickly build up and or rebuild parts of the site to adapt to intended flows.

Solution: Strategically create a model with a supportive technical platform in which our modules live.

Purpose: Simplify an existing site with far too much data. Make it manageable for customers to work with the site as a daily tool without daily contact with developers.
• Design Strategy
• UX Design

Stockholm Stadsmission/UX Designer at Digitalist Sweden

The mission was to improve conversion in donor flow.

Solution: To shorten the flows and clear away interfering elements in that process. To quickly get through the donor for payment and then inform about the work being done.

Purpose: Increase conversion.
• UX Design

Sanofi/UX Designer at Digitalist Sweden

The request was about a site to launch a new product in the Nordic countries. The product would later be strengthened with several products for other diseases within the same family. Customers simply wanted to be able to handle the site themselves with all that it entails with different legal restrictions in all countries.

Solution: A site builder platform with objects to support the different needs you have in different countries. For example, a questionnaire module.

Purpose: To launch new products to the right target group.
• UX Design
• UI Design

Unionen/UX Designer at Digitalist Sweden

When logged in, elected representatives need to be able to work with the platform as a tool to easily plan the year for members. To administratively build and communicate a plan with meetings, information and documents. All for prospective members as well as existing members.

Solution: A platform that enables planning and information exchange between elected representatives – member – non-member – Unionen.

Purpose: To gather all communication in one place to simplify work.
• UX Design


In a constant effort to simplify, improve and develop a service, a large part of the purchase flow is. Monopoly in a gaming market allows many many steps in a flow, but it is a really bad experience for a user. The effort to shorten the journey for someone who has never been to the site and wants to add a game went from 37 steps to 8.

Solution: Investigate all the rules for what was in the team (Game Inspection) had to be included and then simplify what was left.

Purpose: Simplify and speed up the journey to added game.
• Digital Brand
• UX Design
• User journey, Flow


Sebastian was responsible for Lenson’s visual communication for nearly six years. In all channels and also in their own packaging. The main ongoing work was to continuously develop and improve the user experience. He was part of and driven in three major redevelopments of the site

Solution: To constantly measure and analyze the results. Quickly test and quickly fail. Constant development but also finding new ways to convert.

Purpose: To pick shares of an almost saturated market and to fight against the big competitor, Lensway. The online lens and eyewear market was, and is fiercely competitive.
• Digital Brand
• UX Design

Selected ax out the loaf from before 2011

Sebastian has started and operated several advertising and digital agencies with up to 10 employees. He has also been employed by companies such as Framfab and ABB. Trained in multimedia and Adobe tools. Run a company that has sold and worked with Radien6, social media monitoring. His first multimedia project – Kalmar LMV 1992–3 and first e-commerce sites, makeup 1996 and clothes 1996.

Ongoing education, courses and certificates

Books related to work

Strategic design, Great by choice, Buy•ology, Hooked, Sprint, This is service design and Making ideas happen (recurrent).
Right now: Smarter New York City, Value proposition design, Design for growth, Innovation

Conferences & Seminars Q4 2019

PUSH UX 2019 München • AI – men hur? • Omnidagen • Fem framgångsfaktorer för ledare i digitaliseringen • How open data changes our society • Strategi, storytelling och effekter • Vilka marknadsaktiviteter ger bäst finansiell effekt för ert företag? • I huvudet på en kund • Get your Business China Ready • Agile HR • inUse Award 2019 • How to create Business Value through Design • Are you ready for China? • Så här jobbar du med Value Proposition Design för att skapa det som säljer! • Design Thinking for Business: Seek Problems Worth Solving.

Workshops and Webinars

IAAP – Accessibility, Ongoing training
Medium – UX- and UI Design, Ongoing training
UX podden – UX- and UI Design, Ongoing training
UX & Growth Podcast – UX- and UI Design, Ongoing training
The hacking UI Podcast – UX- and UI Design, Ongoing training
Transformationspodden – UX- and UI Design, Ongoing training


2017 Agile for Business / Linneuniversitetet (Part of building the course at LNU)
2017 Digital Marketing Strategy / Linneuniversitetet (Part of building the course at LNU)
2001 Communication & Design / Berghs School of Communication Stockholm